Collage for DIY leather cleaning - has knight's armour and tools

One of my customers recently asked me NOT to clean and shine his shoes. I was confused. These are complimentary services when I re-heel or re-sole footwear. Most people take me up on it. I must have looked puzzled because he followed up his request with a rather sheepish admission: He loves to spend time […]

SALT is bad for leather

If you live in snow country and have ever left your house in winter, this has probably happened to you. It’s winter. It’s slushy and slippery and there’s salt everywhere: On the street, on the sidewalk, on your door mat, and on your boots. I’m talking about that crusty, white halo around the base of […]

How to decide if MooBuzz is right for my leather. Yes No header.

Want to know how to care for your leather shoes and boots? Use MooBuzz. It conditions and waterproofs to help prevent water damage and salt stains. Here’s an easy way to tell if MooBuzz is right for you.  

How are my shoes made - collage with shoe and construction crane

What should you look for if you want to buy footwear that, with proper care, will last for many years? Here is some basic information regarding sustainable footwear. Sustainability has two components: what shoes are made of and how they are made. Part 1 includes information to help you determine what materials your shoes are […]

What are my shoes made of? Symbols, diagrams, language of leather

Footwear material information is either written out in words or indicated by some standard symbols. What does it all mean?

Field guide for show care - plan for each session (hiking boot, nest, notebook)

Several years ago a customer of mine brought her entire class of second grade students to my shop to learn about leather and how shoes are made and repaired. My assistant and I were a bit concerned that some of the students might become “emotional” when they found out where leather actually comes from. I […]