movie still - Peg Larabell working before retiring from shoe repair

“You’re retired?” Even though I retired from repair, I’m still really busy. The video includes rare footage of my beloved repair shop. As 2019 begins I find myself making lots of MooBuzz in my new production space.

white and hazy - atmospheric collage

Not all funky stuff on the surface of your boots is necessarily mold and mildew. It’s a good idea to determine what you’re dealing with so that you know how to handle it. There are two primary reasons for white stuff to appear on the surface of your leather boots or shoes: The growth of […]

Garden gnome

Leather is a natural product and mold and mildew (fungi!) will grow on it in the right conditions. Here’s a simple way to clean surface mold and mildew off of your leather boots or shoes. Other remedies are available which employ harsh cleaning agents (like alcohol or bleach), but try […]

Comic sketch of leather boot with diving flipper

If your leather boots or shoes get wet, they are probably going to be fine. But you may have a bit of work to do including a trip to your local cobbler.

cans of MooBuzz full and empty - The Goldilocks Zone header

You don’t want to over or under condition your leather. Here’s how to use MooBuzz just right!

chinese dragon with boots on, mountains in the background

Keep your boots away from heat – closed up cars parked in the sun, or any other area that may become really hot