MooBuzz Conditions: restores moisture, leaving leather smooth and supple.

MooBuzz Waterproofs: protects from water and salt, preventing stains and scars.

Made with natural, non-toxic ingredients (Neatsfoot Oil, Beeswax, and that’s it, no secrets!), Moobuzz makes it easy to care for your leather. Perfect for your leather shoes and boots.

Protect your investment. Use MooBuzz.
Love Your Leather.

MooBuzz is made with pure Neatsfoot Oil (which comes from cows) and Wisconsin Beeswax (which comes from, yes, bees!). MooBuzz is simple, effective, and easy to use. Our recipe contains no toxic chemicals which means it’s safe for you, your leather, and the environment.

MooBuzz was developed by a professional cobbler in Madison, WI. She makes it in small batches and uses it nearly everyday her shop.

MooBuzz has been protecting leather from harsh Wisconsin winters for more than 30 years. Whether you’re hiking in your favorite state forest or trekking through the salty, slush filled streets of the nearest urban wonderland, trust MooBuzz to condition and waterproof your leather.

We make it. We use it.
We love it and so will you. We guarantee it.

Love Your Leather.