Before you apply MooBuzz, make sure your leather is clean and dry. Rubbing anything into the grit of dirty leather is just like rubbing your leather with sandpaper. Not good.

Once your leather is dry and free of grit, apply MooBuzz using your hands or a soft cloth.

Most people find that MooBuzz makes their skin feel great, but you may be sensitive to it so use latex or nitrile gloves and a cloth if you prefer. In fact, just wearing gloves works great and more MooBuzz gets into your leather instead of being absorbed by your skin or a cloth.

Whether you use your hands, gloves, or a cloth, massage MooBuzz into the leather using a circular motion. The warmth of your hands and the friction of rubbing will melt the oil and wax mixture and help it move into the leather.

Less is more here: You are not frosting a cake. Several thin coats are better than one thick coat. We mention this because some of our loved ones treat it like frosting, with mixed results.

Allow MooBuzz to absorb into the leather for at least 20 minutes. Wipe off excess. Give your leather a final buffing with a clean, soft cloth for a beautiful hand-rubbed look.

No. MooBuzz is not a leather cleaner. We suggest using a saddle soap or other mild leather cleaner.

Lightly soiled items can be wiped with a clean, damp cloth.

For more heavily soiled items we recommend a saddle soap or other mild cleaner. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Allow items to dry thoroughly before applying MooBuzz.

MooBuzz will make almost all leather darker, at least initially. This can be especially dramatic if your leather is very dry. Try MooBuzz on a small, inconspicuous area like the tongue of a lace up shoe or under an area covered by a strap to see if you like the look before MooBuzzing your entire leather item.

Your leather will lighten gradually over a few days. It may not get as light as it was originally.

Already dark colored leather will not change appreciably but it is still best to test in a hidden area first.

MooBuzz is a blend of Neatsfoot Oil and Beeswax. It will feel oily as you apply it.

Apply light coats and allow MooBuzz to absorb for at least 20 minutes. Be sure to wipe off all excess with a soft cloth.

We find that a final buffing with a clean cloth will remove oil residue and leave your leather feeling smooth and supple.

No. MooBuzz is not intended for use on suede.

Yes! MooBuzz is great for custom dyed, handmade leather goods.

Some “bleeding” of the dye may occur when you first apply MooBuzz. You may want to wear gloves when first conditioning and waterproofing your leather item.

Always be sure to remove excess MooBuzz by buffing with a clean, soft cloth.

MooBuzz is the perfect finish for your natural, undyed, vegetable-tanned leather item.

The first coat of MooBuzz on completely untreated leather may not penetrate uniformly and might even look streaky. Don’t worry; it will even out with successive light coats. Let each coat absorb fully and buff gently to bring out a gorgeous patina.

Don’t rush this process.

Nervous? Try MooBuzz out in an inconspicuous spot or on a scrap of leather left over from your project.

If your boots or shoes are salt stained you will need to remove the salt before applying MooBuzz®. No need to purchase fancy cleaners. Just use a mild solution of white vinegar and water (about 20 parts water to 1 part vinegar) and a natural bristle brush to remove the salt. This solution will also remove mold and mildew from your leather. Rinse gently and pat dry with a clean towel. Allow your boots or shoes to dry completely before applying MooBuzz. Read:  How to remove salt stains from leather boots and shoes

MooBuzz is made using two simple, natural ingredients: Neatsfoot Oil and Beeswax. Neatsfoot Oil is derived from the shin bones and feet of cattle (Moo). Beeswax is made by worker honey bees and is used as their home and for storing honey (Buzz).

That’s where the name comes from.

But wait until you put this stuff on your leather – it’ll give your moo a great buzz.

“Neat” is an old English word for domesticated cattle. Neatsfoot Oil is derived from the shin bones and feet of cattle.

We use only 100% pure Neatsfoot Oil to make MooBuzz.

Pure Neatsfoot Oil is pretty cool stuff. Unlike most animal fats, it is liquid at room temperature. Neatsfoot Oil’s low melting point enables warmth from the blood vessels of these skinny legged creatures to more readily spread throughout their legs as they stand in the cold and wet. This property allows Neatsfoot Oil to deeply penetrate leather fibers to soften and preserve.

Adding this oil to beeswax creates a paste that melts at the temperature of your body – making it great for applying by hand.

Bonus, pure Neatsfoot Oil is non-drying and will not cause leather to become brittle.

No. We use only 100% pure Neatsfoot Oil to make MooBuzz.

Neatsfoot Oil Compound may contain petroleum derivatives or synthetic oils. These added artificial oils can cause leather to become brittle as it ages and may cause some stitching to decay. Petroleum additives can also break down the glue bond on many types of footwear.

Beeswax is a great waterproofing agent. It does not dissolve in water and remains very plastic at low temperatures. In fact, it is much more plastic than most plant waxes at similar temperatures.

These characteristics allow Beeswax to stay pliable when applied to leather and then subjected to cold and wet conditions.

It is an amazing natural material