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Sustainable Shoes: Part 2 – How are my Shoes Made?

What should you look for if you want to buy footwear that, with proper care, will last for many years? Here is some basic information regarding sustainable footwear. Sustainability has two components: what shoes are made of and how they are made. Part 1 includes information to help you determine what materials your shoes are […]

A field guide to leather: glossary of terms

Several years ago a customer of mine brought her entire class of second grade students to my shop to learn about leather and how shoes are made and repaired. My assistant and I were a bit concerned that some of the students might become “emotional” when they found out where leather actually comes from. I […]

Seasonal shoe care

Here is the schedule we share with our customers to ensure that the shoes they want to wear are ready when they want to wear them. Since we’re in Wisconsin where we experience all four seasons we have divided this checklist into Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Going over your shoes and accessories before the […]

How to condition and waterproof with MooBuzz®

Before you apply MooBuzz… Make sure your leather is clean and dry.  See our Blog Post:  “Condition and Waterproof to Make your Leather Boots and Shoes Last Forever”  for instructions on how to clean your shoes and boots. Rubbing anything into the grit of dirty leather is just like rubbing your leather with sandpaper. Not. […]

Is all Neatsfoot Oil the same?

Is all Neatsfoot Oil the same? No. There are two kinds of Neatsfoot Oil you are likely to encounter. Neatsfoot Oil Compound Often called Prime Neatsfoot Oil Compound or just Prime Neatsfoot Oil. These products rarely list their ingredients. Neatsfoot Oil Compound contains other ingredients to extend the oil. These additives may include petroleum derivatives […]

Condition and waterproof your leather with MooBuzz®

Why will you love MooBuzz? Because you love your leather. MooBuzz Conditions: restores moisture, leaving leather smooth and supple. MooBuzz Waterproofs: protects from water and salt, preventing stains and scars. Adding Neatsfoot Oil to Beeswax creates a paste that melts at the temperature of your body – making it great for applying by hand. Put […]